Make nature study a reality with mini-lessons and outdoor challenges for homeschooling families. Enjoy seasonal, bite-sized information and creative nature journaling suggestions to enhance your science studies.

Listen to an episode during morning time in preparation for an afternoon nature walk. Or, turn it on in the car to spark a fun family discussion. No matter when you choose to push play, these 10 minutes (or so) will give you exactly what you need to be informed and inspired about science.

No Sweat Nature Study Podcast

Are you here for the Nature Walk Challenge?

I’ve created a special Nature Walk Challenge to go with every episode of the No Sweat Nature Study in Season 5! Sign up by clicking on one of the episodes below. On that page, you can insert your email to receive that particular Nature Walk Challenge immediately. From then on, you’ll receive each new Nature Walk Challenge straight to your inbox the very day a new podcast episode launches!

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There’s a lot more nature-based science waiting for you!

Round out your science studies by letting Mrs. Cindy teach your children! In the No Sweat Nature Study LIVE membership, 1st-8th graders can enjoy two live, interactive, and fun online lessons per month. The 40-60 minute classes focus on science through the lens of nature study. Each class includes creative nature journaling, scientific vocabulary, and deep learning that’s suitable for multiple ages.

These classes have become a significant part of the successful science plan for hundreds of homeschooling families!

No Sweat Nature Study LIVE

In the membership, you’ll find a (growing) video library of nearly 150 previously recorded lessons that you can watch at your convenience. If you can’t attend the twice-monthly live classes, you can easily watch them as replays! Many of our members prefer choosing lessons from the video library because they can tailor topics to go along with what they are already learning. Not to mention, some children simply prefer the ability to hit pause!

Join us anytime. You’re always welcome!

Leave a Voice Message for Mrs. Cindy

At the end of each No Sweat Nature Study Podcast episode, Mrs. Cindy includes messages from a few of her friends. You can record a message that she might use on an upcoming episode! All children must have permission from a parent before leaving a recording. Parents are welcome to record an answer, too! 

Think about your answer first and then follow these simple directions:

  1. Click the button that says “Start recording”.
  2. Tell me your first name. (If you want to tell your age and/or where you live, feel free to do that, too.)
  3. You will have 60 seconds to answer the question but try to be concise.
  4. Push the play button to listen to your recording before sending it to be sure it is recorded properly. If not, simply record it again.