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I’d like to take just a moment to introduce you to the NaturExplorers science curriculum…

NaturExplorers: Science Made Simple

NaturExplorers guides make serious nature study a breeze. They are open-and-go, allow you the freedom to choose exactly which activities work for your family, and can keep your entire family engaged for weeks. And, there are 19 different topics available!

Besides creative & educational nature walks, the curriculum includes loads of ideas for learning back at home, too.

What exactly do you find in a NaturExplorers guide?

NaturExplorers guides are perfect for the 1st-8th grade homeschool, co-op or classroom. This highly adaptable curriculum series uses nature study as the starting point for science lessons that reach into every other subject and meet all learning styles.

  • Background information about the topic at hand that is appropriate as an overview for the parent or students
  • 25-40 nature walks that promote real learning
  • Hands-on lesson ideas – like experiments, model-making, cooking projects, and art
  • Research-based lesson ideas that often intersect with project-based learning to promote higher order thinking skills
  • Fiction and non-fiction living literature lists
  • Suggestions for including art & artist study, composer study, and poetry into the theme
  • Bible devotions that go with the theme
  • Printable nature notebooking pages that go with several of the suggested activities

While NaturExplorers guides were written with 1st-8th graders in mind, they are easily adaptable to older and younger students. In fact, each guide contains a small section of specific lessons meant to include preschoolers and high school students.

Nature IS Science and NaturExplorers studies help you teach using nature as your science lab!

Now that you know a little bit about the NaturExplorers curriculum…

Let’s get right to your freebie!

To help parents who need nature study to be even easier, I’m developing a set of notebooking pages that will serve as outdoor science labs. In other words, parents will be able to print a page and go on a nature walk without much preparation or follow-up at all – and still get in a meaningful science lesson.

The freebie I’d like to share with you is a set of ten of those printable science labs! That’s ten nature walks to get you through almost 1/3 of your school year if you complete nature study one time per week.

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I can’t wait to hear what you think about the printable nature walks!

40 Nature Walks Sampler Freebie


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