Creative Charlotte Mason Nature Study 101


Creative Charlotte Mason Nature Study 101 will build your confidence about adding nature study to your routine through an overview of the wonderful benefits and a bunch of practical ideas.

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Do you ever feel like nature study is just too much to add to your otherwise busy schedule? Maybe you’re not even sure why it’s important or what to do when you get outside? And, let’s not even mention the bored kids, right?

If you have 35-minutes to spare, I think I can help. You CAN be successful with nature study – and it really isn’t as hard as it may seem!

In this Nature Study 101 video, learn why nature study is an incredibly important addition to your homeschool (for more reasons than you might think) and get several super-practical ideas like:

  • Realistic scheduling for regular nature study.
  • How nature study can count as science.
  • Strategies to use nature study alongside other curriculum or as a stand-alone subject.
  • How to include multiple ages so that everyone is {joyful} about nature study.

The goal in Nature Study 101 is to help you catch a vision for nature study and give you encouragement that there is no “right way” that you must follow. You get to do nature study in whatever way works for your family and this training will help you mold it into a practice that is just right no matter the ages, stages, or interest levels in your home or classroom. 

Heck, there are even ideas for using literature and games as nature study – meaning you don’t even necessarily have to get outside.

Nature Study 101 is a GREAT way to build your confidence as you learn the benefits nature study and get constructive suggestions to make nature study a pleasant reality in your homeschool or classroom.

Why trust Cindy on this topic? She’s not only has a master’s degree in education and is the author of more than 30 nature study curriculum guides, but she’s been homeschooling for 18 years. Two of her three children – who grew up with nature study as a regular part of their routine – are knocking college out of the park. She truly believes the hands-on science lab of nature study is one of the many important components to their success.

This training was originally presented as part of an online Charlotte Mason conference. It does NOT include the Q&A that is typical of LIVE Homeschool Masterclasses.


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