The Tale of Three Trees: Nature Walk (Free Printable)

An Easter nature walk idea using The Tale of Three Trees  {free printable}

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The Book

Tale of Three Trees is one of my very favorite picture books ever.  I know, I know – I have a lot of favorites.  In my defense, there are some REALLY great picture books out there!

This book tells the story of three trees who each had a dream for their future.  The first two trees believe their dreams are about to be fulfilled when the woodcutters come to harvest them.  The third tree, on the other hand, believes its dreams are dashed when the woodcutters come because it only wanted to stand straight and tall and point to its Creator forever.

In the end, none of the three trees get exactly what they wished for.  What seemed to them like disappointment at first, however, turns out to be wonderful as they’re each given very important work in God’s grand plan.  They realize they were designed by God for His purposes – and how wonderful life is when happily doing what they were created to do.  It’s a goodie that makes a great read anytime, but especially near Easter!

I had no idea there was an adaptation of this book on video.  While I still like the sweetness of the book best, you’ll be glad to know the entire 24 minute video is free on YouTube!

The Big Ideas

This Easter season, you can use The Tale of Three Trees as an inspiration point for a couple of wonderful nature walks!

On the first walk, go out to observe mighty trees.  Talk about all the parts that make them so magnificent.  Notice their strength and how they reach for the sun – making them seem as if they point boldly to their wonderful Creator.  Draw trees.  Compare trees.  Find the tallest trees.  Look for plants and animals that depend on trees for food or shelter.

Teach the Biblical story of Easter through nature walks!

The second walk extends your discussions about Easter a little further.  Use the Jelly Bean Prayer (which goes through the Gospel message) as a fun starter for a scavenger hunt that looks for colors in nature.  I’ve put together a fun {free} printable for you to use during this walk.  Just click on the image below.

A free nature study printable to reinforce the Gospel message of EasterThe Jelly Bean Prayer Nature Walk Printable

More Easter School

If you’ve enjoyed these two Easter ideas, you’ll be glad to know that you can get LOTS more in Nature Study Through the Holidays: EasterThis unit study takes you all the way through Jesus’ final week and covers the Resurrection and even traditional symbols of Easter through nature study (science), literature and more.

Teach the Easter story through nature study!

Make Easter meaningful and memorable this year!

Are you ready for Easter school

More to Make Easter Meaningful

Don’t miss another great freebie I’ve created to help you teach the Easter story through nature!

You might like to see the Easter books that have earned permanent spots on our holiday bookshelf.  We love each one of them!

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