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Cindy West's Complete Series on Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

If my blog has any sort of homeschooling consistency at all, it’s that just about everything has to do with the implementation of our style of a Charlotte Mason education.  I’ve written some very specific CM posts that I’ve gathered together one on simple index page for you.

Enjoy your kids and your homeschooling lessons with this wonderful method!

The Main Charlotte Mason Series

In ten posts, I’ve tried to walk you through getting started with the most popular aspects of a CM education.

Why We Chose A Charlotte Mason Education | Our Journey WestwardWhy We Chose a Charlotte Mason Education Homeschooling-with-Living-BooksLiving Literature
Short Lessons in a Charlotte Mason homeschool | Our Journey WestwardShort Lessons Charlotte Mason Narration, Dictation and Copywork | Our Journey WestwardNarration, Copywork and Dictation
Living Math | Our Journey WestwardLiving Math CM Style Artist Study | Our Journey WestwardArtists, Composers and Poetry
Charlotte Mason Style Nature Study | Our Journey WestwardNature Study Handicrafts and Life Skills | Our Journey WestwardHandicrafts and Life Skills
Charlotte Mason Habit TrainingHabit Training Daily CM Homeschool ScheduleOur CM Schedule

Some Notable CM Posts

I’ve written lots and lots of posts about how we incorporate CM methods into our homeschool.  In fact, just about every post I’ve ever written in some form of this how-to.  Below are some of the not-to-miss posts that you might enjoy.

Active Kids and Charlotte Mason methods - do they go together?CM and Active Kids Charlotte Mason Narration - where to start with sample video from Our Journey WestwardNarration with Video
Montessori CM HSCM and Montessori Similarities Planning and Organization CM Carnival at Our Journey WestwardPlanning CM Style
Need help getting Charlotte Mason style dictation going well?Narration Help

Charlotte Mason Phonics and Spelling: Gentle Lessons

CM Spelling and Phonics

In Other CM News

I’ve written an e-book that includes 18 EASY step-by-step lessons that walk you right through the Charlotte Mason method.  It’s practical and will have your CM-style homeschool up and running in no time!

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling in 18 EASY Lessons

All the curriculum I’ve written (NaturExplorers, Loving Living Math and Living Literature Grammar Packs) fit nicely with a CM style.

I have a full Charlotte Mason Pinterest board you might like to browse, too.

Cindy West's Charlotte Mason Pinterest Board

We love CM homeschooling so much!  Do you?



Around the World: Mexico

(This post contains affiliate links.) Around the World: Mexico To see where all our “spine” learning comes from during this unit, be sure to check out our main resources for the Around the World Studies. Inspirational Books Widgets   Learning the Language Of course, we took some time to learn a little Spanish during our study.  We have a fun English/Spanish matching game that Eli loved.  He even took it upon himself to write
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Living Math: The Ultimate Resource

(This post contains affiliate links and links to my business website, Shining Dawn Books.) You have heard me talk about living math over and over.  I thought it was high time to organize all my living math resources for you in one convenient “table of contents” of sorts. Start Here If you’re new to the concept of living math or need some help refining your definition/vision, this post should be your first stop. What is
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Winter Homeschooling

(This post contains links to my business website, Shining Dawn Books.) Winter: long days, anxious kids, homeschool monotony?  No way!  At least it doesn’t have to be that way.  There’s lots to do to keep your homeschool vibrant in the winter! This post rounds-up the the best of my winter learning ideas for you.  You really can enjoy the cold, gray days! Nature Study Fresh air, sunshine and exercise are just as important during the
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Artist Study Index Page

(This post contains affiliate links.) As a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, artist study has been a constant over the years.  While I haven’t documented all our studies, I made resources pages for many of them that I have compiled on this page for you. Briefly: How We Do Artist Study Most of the time, we focus on one artist per month in our home.  One day each week consists of a different picture study using one
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