Homeschool Consulting

Homeschool Consulting Services
Homeschool Consulting Services

I offer consultation services for homeschool parents and homeschool curriculum companies.  Parents, keep reading.  Companies, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Homeschool Parents

I am often approached for homeschooling advice. As much as I love helping, it takes quite some time to sincerely and thoroughly discuss an issue. To ensure I spend enough time with my own family and carve out enough time for you, I am offering scheduled homeschool consulting services.

Help is only a phone call away!

The rate is $40 per hour.  Besides the consultation, you will receive a document of notes from our meeting and any Shining Dawn Books product of your choice!

To schedule an appointment, send me an email with an overview of your circumstances. Include three or more suggested times (EST) for our meeting. I will reply with your appointment time and payment information.

Areas of Expertise

  • Charlotte Mason Homeschooling
  • Gifted Homeschooling
  • Homeschooling with Unit Studies
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Nature Study
  • Living Math
  • Making Adjustments to Meet Particular Student Needs
  • Homeschooling in KY
  • Curriculum Choices: Preschool-High School
  • Getting Started in Homeschooling

My Bio

I’m a 14-year veteran of homeschooling and mom of three. I own Shining Dawn Books and have written Homeschooling Gifted and Advanced Learners and the popular NaturExplorers studies, among other titles. With a Master’s Degree in education, I often teach workshops on a variety of topics, most focusing on homeschooling with joy, passion and creativity. My personal teaching style is eclectically Charlotte Mason, with a dash of unit studies and Classical thrown in for good measure. I believe that, no matter the teaching style, children should be inspired in learning. God has created such a marvelous world for us to learn about and we should be excited to dive in. Yes, even math and grammar!

Homeschool Consultation...Why Cindy West?

What My Clients Think

“I was so excited when I read that Cindy was offering homeschool counseling. I have needed a resource like this for a while, and to find someone I know and trust was a plus! I sent an email briefly describing the issues we were having, and when she called at our appointed time we were able to get right to work. She has a wonderful knowledge of curriculum and learning styles to assist you in pin-pointing what might work for you. What a blessing it was to spend time speaking with Cindy about a plan for next year!”

Susie, Veteran Homeschool Mom

“Cindy gives excellent advice for curriculum.  She is full of wisdom and passion for teaching at home.  She is humble.  Even though she is a terrific teacher she never passes judgement on those of us who aren’t as blessed with the teaching skills.  She is full of ideas for making learning fun and enjoyable.”

Lori, Homeschool Mom of Four


Homeschool Business Consultation

Curriculum Reviews: Public or Private

As a professional educator and a veteran homeschool mom who has reviewed well over 200 homeschool products, I am happy to offer private critiques and feedback about homeschool curriculum.

I am also willing to consider public reviews of homeschool curriculum if the product is something I would actually use in my homeschool and I feel my readers would benefit from a review.

Rates are very fair, but will vary according to your needs. Please contact me for more information.

Homeschool curriculum authors, Cindy West can help evaluate your curriculum to make it top-notch!

Running an Online Homeschooling Business

Whether you’re new to online sales or need a few tips to get over a business hump, I can give you advice from my six years of experience.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Building an online site using WordPress – blogging, pages, sidebars, widgets, image creation, etc.
  • Using the e-junkie shopping cart and affiliate program.
  • Marketing – including advertising and social media.
  • Building a network of support – professionally and web-related.
  • Money management.
  • How to sell e-products at physical conventions and workshops.
  • Speaking and workshop presentations.

The rate is $75 per hour.  Please contact me to set up your appointment.

Need consulation for your online homeschooling business?  Cindy West can help!