Candy Heart Lessons

Candy Heart School

Teaching with Candy Hearts

Early Elementary Lessons

Fair Shares, ABC Order, Concrete Graphing

With a pile of hearts, Eli had to figure out how many each of us would get if he divided the group into fair shares.  He had to decide what to do with the leftovers, too.

We practiced the ABC’s by finding each letter printed somewhere on the hearts.

We love making concrete graphs!  Eli has practiced many times with bar graphs, so this time I made sure to introduce making a circle graph.

Transfering Concrete Graphs to Written Graphs

To begin transferring concrete bar graphs to written graphs, I asked Eli to make a bar graph with his candy hearts.  Then, I asked him to draw his own graph on a chalkboard.  Why a chalkboard?  Both because we had colored chalk to match the colors of the candy and because chalk encourages a more tactile experience than pencil and paper.

Middle and High School Lessons

Reverse Area Activity

This was a fun twist on measuring area.  Instead of placing candy on a prepared heart to determine the area, I gave my children a small pile of candy and said, “Take a look at the pile and cut out a heart that you estimate has the correct area.”  We did this a few times with different sized piles of candy to improve estimation skills.

Graphing Candy Hearts

The next several pictures show a variety of graphing and probability activities. Bar graphs, stem and plot graphs, histograms and more were created.

We also had fun placing several different numbers of each color in a bag to predict and test the probability of drawing each color.

Candy Heart Experiments

Our day wasn’t all math related. We had fun with some science experiments, too.  In the first two pictures, we experimented with the rate candy hearts dissolve in various acid and base mixtures.

The final picture shows the results of an erosion experiment (disclosure: link to my book.)  We placed one heart in water and let it stand still.  The second heart was placed in the same amount of water, but we shook the container for three minutes.  In the end, we talked about how this models why jagged rocks eventually become small, smooth pebbles.

We literally could have gone on for a week learning with candy hearts.  Look at the list of ideas we came up with at co-op!

Candy Heart Lesson Ideas

Whether you use candy hearts or another variety of colored candy, make it a fun day once in a while!

Candy Heart Valentine’s Day Math Printables

Candy Heart Valentine’s Day Math is Great Fun!

Check out the free printables and activities below to perk up your February math lessons!

The Measure of a Heart uses candy hearts to practice measuring perimeter and area.  After finishing the worksheet, use your candy hearts to measure the perimeter and area of other things around the house.

(In case you need to know…Perimeter is the measurement around an object and area is the measurement of an object’s surface.  To measure the perimeter of the hearts on the worksheet, place candy hearts around the edges of the hearts – the dark lines – and count how many it takes to go all the way around.  To measure the area, see how many candy hearts will fit inside the hearts on the worksheet.)

The Candy Pattern worksheet (which didn’t transfer to a jpg well and is MUCH nicer in the PDF download) allows your child to make various patterns using candy hearts.

(In case you need to know…each of the letters on the worksheet (A, B, C) represent a different colored candy heart.  So, for instance, an ABA pattern, where A represents pink and B represents green would look like: pink, green, pink, pink, green, pink, pink, green, pink.  Your child gets to decide which colors represent each letter of the pattern.)

You can find several other fun candy heart Valentine’s Day math ideas at Googol Learning.

I’ve been pinning fun ideas on my Valentine’s Pinterest board, too!

For those of you interested in learning how to add more living math into your homeschool, consider Loving Living Math.


Valentine Fun

Today is bittersweet for us.  As you’ll see below, the boys and I have been having lots of fun celebrating Valentine’s Day.  However, today is Mahayla’s 13th birthday and she’s sick.  She and I were supposed to be going to CIY Believe together later this afternoon with the Jr. High youth group, too.  Oh well, there will be plenty of time for celebrating birthdays and worshiping our Lord when she’s better.  I just hope I can convince her of that.

On the happier side of our day, see what the boys have been up to…

Caleb’s Activities

Candy hearts are a fun tool for finding area and perimeter.

They're also fun for creating patterns.

We worked on using Excel to create a bar graph from a handful of candy hearts, too.

You can find the area/perimeter sheet and patterning sheet on my Homeschool Launch page.  Look for The Measure of a Heart and Candy Heart Patterns.

Another fun math activity was Pascal’s Heart Triangle from, where you can find several great ideas!  We also did a fun language arts activity called Heart Idioms.

Eli’s Activities

Have you heard of Confessions of a Homeschooler??  If you’re a mom of a preschooler, head over there right now!  She has SUPER ideas and FREE reproducibles that go along with the letters of the alphabet and seasons or holidays.  I can’t tell you how wonderful her ideas are!!  Just about every idea below came from her Valentine’s ideas and resources.

We sorted candy hearts into color groups.

We used candy hearts to make a physical bar graph.

Eli wanted to paint his graph while his bubby made the spreadsheet graph.

These patterns to match were wonderfully challenging for Eli!

Candy hearts come in handy once again!

Add glue and glitter to anything and Eli is HAPPY!

Usually, we have a fun V-Day themed meal, but none of us have been much in the mood for eating this week.  I’m hoping everyone is well by Sunday because the big kids are supposed to take part in preparing a spaghetti dinner for all the adults at church as a Valentine’s service project.  I hope your Valentine’s celebrations are healthier than ours!

A Lot of Valentine Fun

Hubby and I celebrated Valentine’s Day on Saturday, so I decided to do a family Valentine’s Day celebration on Friday.  To get the excitement rolling, we ditched the math books and used little sweethearts to create graphs and find the mean, median and mode of candy that I gave them.

We spent much of the afternoon preparing for a special dinner of –

Heart Pizza

Lemon-Strawberry Slushies

and Heart-shaped Ice Cream Cookies

We finished off the night by watching the Charlie Brown Valentine special from earlier in the week.  I’m not a huge Charlie Brown fan, but the kids loved it!

At church Sunday, the Jr. Church lessons focused on, of course, LOVE.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.  The second is this:  Love your neighbor as yourself.  There is no commandment greater than these.  Mark 12:30-31

We played some fun games after the lesson, too.

Pinky Linky

Candy Heart Relay

Blindfolded Coloring

Candy Heart Memory Circle

And, we kept on celebrating Monday at co-op with the annual Valentine’s parties.

There was so much love shared that I think we’re all caught up for awhile!  LOL  Hope your V-Day was special!

Valentine Fun

Are you thinking about adding some fun Valentine activities to your homeschool during the next few weeks?  Here are some great sites that offer exciting and original ideas.  Have fun!

Valentine Math

More Valentine Math

Easy Fun School Unit – lots of ideas including science, cooking, a book list.  As always with Easy Fun School, this is a well put together unit!

The Virtual Vine – an early elementary site meant for the classroom, but still offers lots of cute ideas.

LaCelle Family Ministries Unit Ideas